Born, lives and works in Montreal, Canada.

Using video, photography and installation, Natascha Niederstrass’ weaves references between art history, news, crime scene and horror cinema. She emphasizes the ambiguity of signs and cultural codes accepted as truths that are deceptive compared to a reality that often escapes us.

Fascinated with narrative issues, she explores the possibilities offered by reconstruction methods, skillfully operating in the margins between truth and fiction. Niederstrass often chooses to use a forensic aesthetic, for it serves both as an approachable way for the general public to pry open the often hermetic shell of contemporary art, and as a viable critical model for understanding art that relies on clues, obscurities, and residue. Niederstrass takes the viewer through the exciting process of reconstructing a story, a scene, a speculative action or an event excluded from the « visible ».

A graduate of Concordia University in Montreal (BFA) and York University in Toronto (MFA), Natascha Niederstrass has presented her work in several solo and group exhibitions in private galleries and artist run centers. Her most recent work was shown in the context of the most recent edition of MOMENTA – Biennale de l’image in Montreal and the last scheduled programming of the CIRCA – Art actuel. Her work is part of the collections of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, the National Bank of Canada, the City of Longueuil and the Art Museum of Joliette. She will soon begin a residency at VU Photo in Quebec city to develop new body of work.